We recognise that we have our responsibilities towards the society in which we operate. We commit ourselves to be a responsible corporate citizen; our activities should not only create shareholder wealth, but also community wealth. Our businesses must produce profits and generate stakeholder value that exceeds expectations. While doing so, we also commit ourselves to be a responsible corporate citizen; our activities are aimed at creating both shareholder wealth as well as community wealth. It is payback time – to the society that has bestowed us with opportunities to succeed and adversities to strengthen us from within. For all the goodness that we have received, it is only reasonable that we give some goodness in return. The gratifying experience of giving surpasses every other joy, wealth or any gain ever enjoyed. As we have grown and prospered along with our associates and customers, we also seek to help the community in doing so by catering to their various needs in whatever possible way.
Education and Medical facilities must reach one and all, if we ever hope to realize the dream of a unified and developed country. Creating a common platform for one and all to stabilize and branch out from is the collective responsibility of the entire community – and we are happy doing our part by constructing Schools and Hospitals, and offering scholarships to deserving students, we also actively manage Shri Jain Vidyalaya in Kolkata, a Higher Secondary School affiliated to the West Bengal Board of Education.
In response to the growing need for Medical Infrastructure, We have extended our support to the medical field by contributing in the development of Jain Hospital Research Centre in Howrah, West Bengal.
The process of giving social returns is an unending one. As Denon Merchandise proceeds to make more path-breaking developments, our efforts to make our society a stronger and protective one will continue. Our company has been an active associate of various blood donation camps. We have reached out to the society. As rightly said by Gandhi ji “the company is a trustee of the society and all she earns is because of the society. Everything belongs to the society so they are bound to serve the society”. Thus our company abiding by the principles of Gandhi ji is totally devoted to the society and thus conducted such acts.